Compton Acres Lunch time Gong Bath with Scania in the Italian Villa

Compton Acres Lunch time Gong Bath with Scania in the Italian Villa

Posted on behalf of Scania

Your chance to experience a " Gong Bath" with Scania at the Beautiful Italian Villa at Compton Acres 12pm-1pm please arrive 15mins before as its a prompt start for 12pm. I have some subtle organic aromatherapy infused crystal oils, you can choose yours if you wish and then we will inhale the scent and go on a journey with the Gongs and other specifically picked sounds. After your Gong Bath you may want to walk around the gardens and soak up the energy of this beautiful relaxing place. The session will be deeply restoring and relaxing. All you need to do is make yourself comfortable and listen. Absolutely no effort is required. Bring blankets, mat, water and pillow for your comfort. 

The event is downstairs in the Italian Villa, so you do not have to access the Gardens to come to the Gong Bath.

  • “Gong baths”, known as sound therapy “bathe” you in the sound of the gong. The sound shifts your brainwaves from Beta (waking state) to Theta/Delta levels, taking you into a healing, meditative state using the vibrations of the instrument.

     It relieves stress and insomnia and boosts your mental capacities and energy levels. You leave feeling revitalised and at peace with yourself. No experience needed. All you need is a blanket/duvet, pillow and whatever else you need to lie comfortably for more than an hour (Bring a mat that will cushion you well, the more comfort you have the better).

    This is not an exercise session, it is a deep nourishing and uplifting meditation

    An amazing way to start your week!

    Where: The Italian Villa  
    164 Canford Cliffs Road 
    BH13 7ES 

    Time: 12pm- 1pm (please arrive no later than 11:55)

11 Nov 2019 at 12:00pm
until 11 Nov 2019 at 1:00pm
The Italian Villa
164 Canford Cliffs Road
BH13 7ES

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